Monday, April 8, 2013

What's for Breakfast????

My son is sooo HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!!! I actually went grocery shopping yesterday, now he doesn’t have to stay at Grandmas.


Bear Naked Fit triple berry crunch granola is the BOMB-DIGGITY!!!  Add it to some Greek Yogurt and it’s what’s for Breakfast.

Trying to watch my calories and exercise more using My Fitness Pal.  So far it is working out pretty good.

That’s all I have for today.

Until next time……..

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why did the ducks cross the road?

Because they knew it would make them famous in the blog world, that's why. Silly people in cars!

This is what I saw on my way to work yesterday morning. I noticed the car in front of me kept slowing down until it finally stopped, then I saw a little bit of white waddling across the road and they took their merry time. How cute!
So I mentioned that I was going to take the kids to Putt-Putt on Tuesday since they are out of school for Spring Break. We got there around 1:30ish and left at 5:00. Three and a half hours and a BAZILLION dollars later and I'm still give out. Man those short people can spend some money. Yours, theirs, and anyone else's that is around.
 We played a round of minature golf, then rode the go-carts, then bowled and at hot dogs, then rode the bumper boats, played another round of minature golf, played some arcade games and rode the go-carts again.  Shewww talk about wearing an old lady out.

Well as you can see we had the BEST DAY EVER!
Until next time........

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2nd post of the day. Sorry but just had to do it!


"A scooter is like an ugly girlfriend, they're great until someone sees you with them."

Come on, you know you laughed.
Until next time............


I'm soooo proud of my boys.  We had a great Easter.  The tall one in the middle

played his guitar at Church and he's good, really good.  Actually he is better than he thinks he is.  He plays in his room at home and every time I try to tell Eddie about the chores on his Honey Do List he tells me to "HUSH I'm trying to listen to Justin play".  I think that's just his excuse to get out of work.
After the childrens service they asked if any of the kids wanted to pray and this one

raised his hand, grabbed the microphone and prayed like a GROWN MAN.  So proud of him and he was proud of himself too.  He told his great grandma that he prayed like a GROWN MAN at church, and he did. 
Sorry for the crappy phone pics.  I have got to get a new phone.  My old phone is wore out and half the letters don't work so you have to be talented to read my text messages.  Thinking about this one

Nokia Lumina 822
Nokia Lumia 822
OR this one Windows phone 8X
Windows Phone 8X by HTC
OR this one Intuition
Intuition™ by LG

AND if all else FAILS I might bust this old thang out.

Eddie still has his and it even came with a man purse. BAHAHAHA!
I got to work early this morning because I'm leaving early.  The kids are on Spring Break and I told them I would take them on a special field trip.  Will let you know more details tomorrow because I am keeping it a secret from them. 
On another note, I'M SOOOO EXCITED.  I am getting a new desk for my office, which will hopefully be here next week.  In the meantime I have to clean this crap up and O-U-T. 

YIKES!!! Anybody want to come and help? Anybody? Anybody? Nah, didn't think so.
Just added this stove to my wishlist.  Isn't it COOL.  It's going up for auction and I would LUV to have it just because it's different. Don't know if it work's or not but I could always use it as a flower planter. YEPPERS!!!!

Here is another pic of a thing going up for Auction tonight.
For the sweet love of God man, why in the world would you do this to a poor child? Talk about nightmares and child abuse!  Think I might buy these for my sweet little baby sister because I know how much she loves her some clowns! HEHEHE!!!

Until next time.........