Friday, January 25, 2013


Sleeping late!  I have already warned everyone in my house that they better NOT wake me up in the morning.  Pssshhh who am I kidding, I’m sure my internal clock will go off at 6 am.  Monday thru Friday my internal clock is broken or maybe it’s asleep but either way I always sleep past 6 during the week.
Saturday we are supposed to have lunch at the in-laws (Nana & Papa's).  Then I plan on doing some cleaning and I might, just might consider taking my Christmas tree down.  Seriously am I the only one in the world that still has their tree up?  I keep telling myself “Hey we ONLY have 11 months until Christmas, by the time I get it down and in the building it will be time to put it back up so why not just leave it up.” I’m also planning on putting out a few Valentine Decorations. Oh and the most exciting thing that is happening on Saturday night is that season 3 of “My Big Redneck Vacation” comes back on.  YAY I’m soooo excited!!!! 

On Sunday we have a birthday supper and baby shower to attend at church.  And guess what?????  “Honey Boo Boo" comes on, Yay I’m sooo excited about that too!!!!  I have to say I know how Mama June feels about  “Marannaisse.”  It grosses me out too.  I can sum it up into 1 word “YUCK”.

Well that about wraps up my weekend plans.  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Snuggle Bunny says Until next time………..


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