Friday, February 8, 2013

Hi-De-Ho Neighbor!!!!!!

Long time no see.  Sorry for not posting in a while.  I really don’t have an excuse other than I’m LAZY!!

Well TGIF!!! I have been looking forward to Friday allllll week, I just don’t understand why EVERY SINGLE DAY can’t be Friday.  My plans for this weekend are maybe going to a yard sale or two, crocheting,  going to a 1st
birthday party and a Valentine’s Dinner at church, then watching “My Redneck Vacation” on Saturday night and “Here comes Honey Boo Boo” on Sunday night.  Then if I have any free time (which I hope I don’t) I just might clean my house.

Last weekend was a busy weekend.  I hit up many yard sales and scored some good deals.  Then the fam had a semi-surprise birthday party for me.  My mama accidentally sent me a text message that was for Stephanie giving me all of the details.  HA, can we say “Old Timers syndrome.”  My Birthday was on Super Bowl Sunday.  See all you people thought the most exciting thing going on Sunday was the Super Bowl but PUL-EEZE, get real folks, it was my 35th Birthday and I make 35 look good everyday if I do say so myself.  What’s really sad tho is that I thought I was turning 34 and I had to stop and count it up and found out it was 35.

Here are a few shots from last weekend and I hope to have some photos of my Valentine Decorations and Crocheting Projects on Monday.
Candle Holders

A metal Pear, rooster dish soap dispenser and other odds and ends.
$2 purse, $1 movies
Garsh - looking at the background of my kitchen in these pictures I can see that Eddie really needs to spruce up on his cleaning skills.  I guess I'm going to have to sit down and make him a chore list for this weekend.  I would offer to help him clean but making his chore list will probably take up all of my free time.
Now on to my Bithday Party photos.............                                              

Sadie being such a sweet girl

       Ed multitasking - eating & sleeping at the same time.  He's sooo talented! 

 Sweet Simon the Simease kitty cat.                                            Justin & Sadie


 The cake and centerpiece that Step made.  Notice that glass says DIVA.

Micah looking super fly.
Well until next time folks...............

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